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[Bug 24506] Standard attributes are missing in streamability analysis

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Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 10:48:08 +0000
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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
All the standard attributes (including xsl:use-when) have values that are known
statically and have no dependence on the input data to the stylesheet. They are
therefore not "constructs", are not operands of any construct, and only play
any role in streamability if they affect the semantics of the expression on
which they appear, in which case they should be mentioned in that context. But
frankly, I think the spec doesn't say anything about them because there is
nothing to say.

>Likewise, a note that any attribute not being an AVT or an expression has no
relevance for streamability, i.e. has no operand role, is perhaps beneficial
and clarifying.

I think we list the things that ARE operands, we don't need to list the things
that aren't.

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