[Bug 24492] Options when streamable construct is not guaranteed streamable


--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
In general we have avoided being prescriptive about warnings, and in the few
cases where we have specified that processors must give a warning (for example,
when running a 1.0 stylesheet under a 2.0 processor), it has not been a
success: users lobbied hard for an option to suppress this warning, and I
eventually provided an option to suppress it, although it's not clear that the
spec allows me to do so.

There are also some environments (e.g. XSLT in the browser) where providing a
warning is difficult to achieve. 

And one can satisfy the letter of the requirement without satisfying its spirit
by writing the warning to some system log file that no-one ever looks at.

I think in general it's best to leave implementors to decide when warnings are

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