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I like the proposal! A few comments:

1. I would recommend to separate items with a newline if no item-separator is
specified. Experience tells me that if an item-separator is declared, "&#xa;"
is the only value that is assigned to it anyway.

2. If maps or arrays have values with more than one item (example: [(1,2)]),
the JSON output method will raise SERE0023. This is probably not what is
desirable. We could

a) serialize sequences inside maps and arrays as arrays, or
b) suppress SERE0023 for the adaptive mode (then, we would need to clarify
how/if the serialized items are separated from each other)

If we believe that it's not too confusing for the user, we could generally
adapt a) to JSON serialization whenever the serialized sequence is not the top
level sequence.

3. Similar to 2, we need to handle attributes or namespace nodes that occur as
values in maps or arrays (example: [<a b='c'/>/@b]). We could serialize them in
the same way as done on top level.

4. Do you have an example for "hyperlinks" (even if it's supposed to be

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