[Bug 25446] [F+O 3.1] ordered collation keys


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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
This proposal was accepted in principle by the WG on 2014-04-29, subject to
approval of detailed wording. 

The substantive change proposed is to replace the second paragraph of the rules
of fn:collation-key() with:

The function returns an ·implementation-defined· value with the property that
for all pairs of strings ($K1, $K2):

(a) collation-key($K1, $C) eq collation-key($K2, $C) if and only if
compare($K1, $K2, $C) = 0, and 
(b) collation-key($K1, $C) lt collation-key($K2, $C) if and only if
compare($K1, $K2, $C) < 0

The remaining changes are purely editorial, e.g. changing the summary, deleting
the last paragraph of the Notes, adding examples.

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