[Bug 22258] Provide function for easy matching of HTML and DITA class attributes


--- Comment #3 from Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz> ---
> We've generally turned down requests for convenience functions that can be
> expressed as a one-liner unless there's a very strong case.

Yes, user-defined function is an option and such approach is completely
reasonable, but only in the context of XSLT or XQuery. XPath is often used
standalone for querying document -- for example simple queries run over DOM API
in application, using XPath search box in XML editor. This is probably only
thing for which CSS Selectors are more convenient than XPath and I would like
to keep XPath to be the best query language for HTML documents. This makes this
function sort of special and for me this is a good enough reason to have such
function directly available in the language.

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