[Bug 22061] [XSLT 3.0] Omissions in the schema for XSLT 3.0


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re-revised XSD 1.1 schema for XSLT 3.0 (28 Nov 2013)

Some further revisions have been undertaken to align the schema document with
the examples in the spec and in a few cases with the text of the spec (in a few
cases, but no systematic pass through all syntax descriptions of the spec has
been made; I just dealt with what I happened to notice).

Differences from the schema document in the most recent draft include:

1 default-mode, default-validation, and expand-text attributes are added to the
generic-element-type and to the literal-result-attributes attribute group. 
This involved removing default-validation from xsl:transform.

2 catch/@query is optional not required.

3 override-extension-function, identity-sensitive, and cache attributes added
to function element.

4 map and map-entry elements declared.

5 content model of merge corrected. 

6 The assertion on xsl:number has been changed; in its existing form it cannot
succeed because @level has a default value.

7 package/@input-type-annotations declared.

8 @static added to param and variable, with various assertions to approximate
the rules governing its use, including one on xsl:transform.

9 transform/@version is made optional not required.  (A context-sensitive
declaration of xsl:transform could enforce the rule, but I have not inserted
one.  Yet.)

10 try/@select is optional not required.

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