[Bug 21838] [XQ3TS] require-feature-list-1-ns-1, 2, require-feature-list-1-s


--- Comment #3 from Ghislain Fourny <g@28.io> ---
Good catch, I added the module dependency, awaiting your confirmation that it
works for you.

I agree with Tim's comment 2, i.e., the WG made an explicit decision that it is
okay for an implementation to activate a feature even if it had previously
deactivated it following the dependency of false on that feature.

It comes down to saying that a dependency of false does not mean that the
feature must be "not supported" for the test to be run, but that it must be
"not activated" by default for the test to be run.

It is fine for an implementation that does support a feature to not run tests
with a dependency of false on that feature, if it is unable to deactivate it,
so I also agree with O'Neil's last sentence in comment 1.

Does it make sense?

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