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[Bug 22732] [F+O 3.0] Function-lookup and the dynamic context

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Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 16:14:29 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Ghislain Fourny <g@28.io> ---
I am wondering if does not suffice to add the exact same wording as for named
function references, since the idea and behavior is the same.


"If the function retrieved by fn:function-lookup has an
implementation-dependent implementation, then the implementation of the
function returned by fn:function-lookup is associated with the static context
of the expression calling fn:function-lookup, and to the dynamic context in
which it is currently being evaluated."

Also, both for named function references and for fn:function-lookup, I am
wondering if, when this association is made, we should not explicitly define a
brand new function based on the underlying, context-dependent one. The way I
would picture it is:
- if no context association is made, the function that is returned is _exactly_
that from the dynamic context.
- if a context association is made, it is a different function, obtained by
copying the one in the dynamic context, removing its name and associating DC
and SC with the implementation-defined implementation.

Then we could fine-tune, like only make the association if the function is
context-dependent (currently, we always associate a context if it has an
implementation-dependent implementation, but it has no effect at all if the
function is not context-dependent).

I hope it makes sense.

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