[Bug 19782] test cases using 'assert-eq' for numeric values instead of 'assert'


--- Comment #4 from Sorin Nasoi <spungi@gmail.com> ---
<test-case name="fn-abs-1">
 <description>numeric types. Author: Oliver Hallam Date:
 <created by="Oliver Hallam" on="2010-03-15"/>
 <environment ref="empty"/>
 <test>string-join(for $x in (1, xs:decimal(2), xs:float(3), xs:double(4))
           if ((abs($x)) instance of xs:integer) then "integer" 
           else if ((abs($x)) instance of xs:decimal) then "decimal" 
           else if ((abs($x)) instance of xs:float) then "float"
           else if ((abs($x)) instance of xs:double) then "double" else
error(), " ")</test>
  <assert-eq>"integer decimal float double"</assert-eq>

instead of:
<test-case name="fn-abs-1">
  <assert>$result eq "integer decimal float double"</assert>

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