[Bug 19267] [XQ3.0] Context item declared in multiple modules


--- Comment #3 from Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@gmail.com> ---
Define term "initial context item", which is used as the initial
context item for evaluating the prolog and the main body of query, and
is the same for all modules in a query. 

Dynamic Context properties for "context item":

* Default initial value     

In a main module, none. In a library module, the context item of the main

* Can be overwritten or augmented by implementation?     


* Can be overwritten or augmented by prolog?     

overwritten with a context item declaration.     

* Can be overwritten or augmented by expressions?     

overwritten during evaluation of path expressions and predicates.

* Consistency rules

The main module and all library modules must all have the same context item.

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