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The WG looked at this last week. There is some sympathy with the requirement,
but we're at a stage of development where all requests for new features are
being parked in a shopping list for a post-3.0 release, currently labelled 3.1. 

On the substance, I do know that it isn't going to be easy - the current batch
of functions, iri-to-uri, encode-for-uri, and escape-html-uri - went through
many iterations before we got them right, and accounted for well more than
their fair share of comments and bugs. Even their names reflect the tortuous
process we went through. We will have many questions to consider, for example
what to do when % is not followed by two hex digits, and what to do when
encoded URIs contain percent-escaped characters such as "/", where putting the
"/" into the decoded value is unlikely to yield a string that serves any useful
purpose. I think it's because these questions looked difficult that the
function was not present in 2.0.

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