[Bug 20100] Add missing import schema statement


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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
It should not be necessary to import the schema unless the query actually
references types in the schema by name.

We make this much clearer in XQuery 3.0: form 2.5.5 "An XQuery 3.0
implementation must be able to determine relationships among the types in type
annotations in an XDM instance and the types in the in-scope schema definitions
(ISSD)." In other words, if a type annotation is present at run-time in the
input document, that is supposed to tell the query processor all it needs to
know about the type at run-time. You only need an import schema if the query
processor needs compile-time information about types, and that's only needed if
the query contains expression that refer to types by name.

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