[Bug 19783] Math tests that use namespace prefixes in the assertions


--- Comment #1 from Sorin Nasoi <spungi@gmail.com> ---
As discussed, here is a list of test cases that I propose for investigation:

- "math-atan2" test set,

- "math-pi" test set,"math-pi-002"

- "prod-CastExpr.schema" test set,
"user-defined-1","user-defined-6","user-defined-8"  the result is sizeType(1)
but the sizeType is part of a schema that is not in the "assert-eq" environment

- "prod-ModuleImport" test set, "errata6-003" - the result, 8, is of type
hatsize defined in the schema from the test environment. Assert-eq does not
have access to that schema.

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