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[Bug 17040] [XQ30] Clarification on using defined prefixes in serialization and validate expr

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> 2012-05-22 20:39:48 UTC ---
I believe this is really a request for interpretation of the XQuery 1.0
specification, rather than a comment on 3.0. Correct me if I am wrong.

Note first that the serializer makes no decision about which namespaces to
output. If a namespace is present in the result tree then it is serialized, if
it is not present in the result tree, it is not serialized. The question
concerns element construction and the namespace nodes/bindings that are added
to elements during tree construction, which is largely covered in section 3.7.4
of the specification, and has nothing to do with serialization.

For the first example

declare namespace cat ='mycat'; 
  <a t='cat:miau'>42</a>

none of the conditions for creating a namespace binding for cat="mycat" is
satisfied; therefore it is not created. (If you want it created, write <a
t='cat:miau' xmlns:cat='mycat'>42</a>)

In the second example, the required conditions are satisifed for the xsi
namespace (specifically, the namespace is used in the name of an attribtue),
but not for the xs namespace.

As far as validation is concerned, the tree is constructed first, then
validation takes place. The only namespaces known to the validator are those
that are present on the tree being validated. If tree construction did not add
a namespace to the element in question, then the validator will complain if it
encounters QName-valued content that uses a prefix for which no binding is
present on the tree.

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