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[Bug 16311] [Ser30] newlines are an integral part of text mode serialization too

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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 16:59:29 +0000
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--- Comment #7 from Henry Zongaro <zongaro@ca.ibm.com> 2012-06-19 16:59:28 UTC ---
I like Michael Kay's suggestion in comment 3 of overloading the meaning of
indent="yes" to satisfy this requirement.  However, I think it might be better
to make it stronger than a "MAY" - for the text output method, the formatting
seems much more important than for XML.

One concern I have lies with the interaction with mixed content.  I think we
would want to restrict the insertion of new line characters (or whatever
whitespace was desired) in the same way that the serialization draft does for
the XML output method.[1]

e.g., The following

  <p>This is my <b>first</b> paragraph.</p><p>This is my <i>second</i>

should probably be serialized as

  This is my first paragraph.
  This is my second paragraph.

and not as

  This is my
  This is my

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt-xquery-serialization-30/#XHTML_INDENT

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