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[Bug 17183] [FO30] Constructors for list and union types

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> 2012-06-13 11:21:09 UTC ---
The WG meeting on 2012-06-12 agreed with the general direction here, subject to
approval of detailed text. The WG decided not to attempt to specify a detailed
return type for constructor functions for union and list types, specifying it
instead as xs:anyAtomicType*.

The following changes have been applied, subject to final approval.

17.1 Mention xs:dateTimeStamp explicitly rather than referring vaguely to new
XSD 1.1 types.

New section 17.2 defining constructor functions for xs:NMTOKENS, xs:IDREFS, and
xs:ENTITIES. The return type of these is given as xs:NMTOKEN*, xs:IDREF*, and
xs:ENTITY* respectively. The argument type is xs:string? (the function returns
an empty sequence only if the input is an empty sequence; conversion of a
zero-length string fails because these types all specify minLength="1".

For user-defined simple types of variety list and union, the argument type is
xs:string? and the return type is xs:anyAtomicType*.

In the section on QName and Notation, a paragraph has been added explaining the
impact on function literals, partial function application, and function-lookup.

A revised draft containing these changes will be posted.

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