[Bug 14932] [FO30] fn:unparsed-text


--- Comment #5 from Erik Wilde <erik.wilde@emc.com> 2011-11-30 01:07:54 UTC ---
i've used unparsed-text() to crawl for robots.txt files and for CSS, and if you
have extension functions for tidying HTML, you can do pretty amazing things
with just writing XQuery.

i think it would be good to have a clear separation of concerns and talk about
identification, interactions, and representation in well-separated steps. to a
certain extent this exists with resolve-uri(), but there is also some mixing of
concerns such as with doc(). in an ideal world, there should be resolve-uri(),
then interaction (maybe specifically supported for HTTP), and then handling the
result, so that users could resolve() a relative URI, GET() an XML resource,
and then parse() it into an XDM. i think not separating these issues cleanly
has created the situation reported in this bug, and the cleanest solution would
be to separate the steps, expose them as functions, and then just define doc()
as a combination of the basic function. maybe that's too ambitious, but
personally, i'd like to see XQuery's web-friendliness increased anyway.

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