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[Bug 14932] [FO30] fn:unparsed-text

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Erik Wilde <erik.wilde@emc.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Erik Wilde <erik.wilde@emc.com> 2011-11-29 18:35:17 UTC ---
not sure whether that's a comment or should be filed as a new bug:
fn:unparsed-text() is not really clear about whether a text resource should be
requested (by using HTTP Accept, for example), or whether a requested resource
should be passed into XQuery as a string. the difference might matter, because
essentially, there are three things that users might want to do:

- GET XML, and then process as XDM. this is covered by doc().
- GET XML, and then process it as text (i.e., get serialized XDM).
- GET text/plain, i.e. a plain text variant of a resource, which could be very
different, such as the server stripping out markup and delivering formatted

i think all of this could be addressed in a more explicit way how XQuery
interfaces with HTTP and generally fits into the web, and that's one of the
things i am really interested in, but that's definitely only appropriate for

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