[Bug 14840] [XDM 3.0] Function types in the type hierarchy diagram


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--- Comment #2 from Jim Melton <jim.melton@acm.org> 2011-11-22 07:48:29 UTC ---
Thanks for this bug report.  I am the person stuck with updating the type
hierarchy diagram(s), so I need to better understand your report.  Are you
suggesting that the entire collection (of three) type hierarchy diagrams should
be omitted from the documents, or that only a part of diagram 1 should be
omitted?  I think you mean the latter, but it's not quite clear to me. 

If it's only the part of diagram 1 that deals with function items, I would be
grateful for your guidance about what should be done with the fact that
function(*) is, in fact, a kind of item, and that it has a great many subtypes.
 Depending on the extent of the changes you might suggest to the part of
diagram 1 dealing with function items, I may be able to handle it editorially. 

If your suggestion is to eliminate one or all of the diagrams, then I believe
that a WG decision is required. 

If you wish to change the title either of diagram 1 only or of all diagrams to
replace the word "hierarchy" with "lattice" or something similar, I also
believe that a WG decision is required.

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