[Bug 11352] %nondeterministic and independent compilations of modules


--- Comment #11 from Martin Probst <Probst_Martin@emc.com> 2011-01-12 11:36:09 UTC ---
> Equally,  the inferencing  of %[non-]deterministic  is problematic  in the
> case  of recursive  functions, whether  or  not they  appear in  different
> modules. So perhaps there  is a problem, but the title  of the bug doesn't
> characterize it correctly?

Depends on what you mean by problematic. There is a relatively straightforward
algorithm to resolve the issue (mark directly nondeterministic functions as,
well, nondeterministic; build transitive closure of functions; mark functions
as nondeterministic that call nondeterministic functions. Either build complete
transitive closure, or do the marking step for as long as nothing changed

If you apply some dynamic programming techniques to this, the algorithm isn't
even terribly inefficient. So I don't really see an issue there. Or am I
missing something?

In any case, I agree, the problem this bug should be about is cyclical imports
and their impact on the dependency chain for compilation, it's unrelated to
nondeterminism annotations.

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