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[Bug 11561] Static base URI: development location or deployment location?

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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 22:02:01 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@redhat.com> 2011-02-28 22:02:01 UTC ---
In today's meeting, we decided to request a proposal along these lines:

1. There are two different Base URI properties

Module Base URI: static context, query-wide, unchanging
Document Base URI: dynamic context, query-wide, unchanging

2. They can be declared separately

"declare" "module" "base-uri" URILiteral
"declare" "document" "base-uri" URILiteral

The existing declaration sets both properties:

"declare" "base-uri" URILiteral

3. Change "to resolve a relative URI" to take a given base URI as a parameter

4. Specific references to resolving a relative URI must each state which base
URI is used.

I will write a proposal to do this.

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