[Bug 10696] Tests that should allow XQST0022


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--- Comment #1 from Benjamin Nguyen <benjie.nguyen@gmail.com> 2010-09-28 14:26:33 UTC ---
To be honnest I'm not sure about the exact goal of the test, since it reads
"Use an inproperly enclosed expression inside an namespace declaration".

The spec says : If the DirAttributeValue  contains an EnclosedExpr, a static
error is raised [err:XQST0022]

Looking at example K2-DirectConElemNamespace-44.xq : /www.example.com/{ my
feeling is that this expression is not valid per the grammar and therefore is
err:XQST0003. The DirAttributeValue does not contain an EnclosedExpr since it
is defined by EnclosedExpr ::= "{" Expr  "}", and such a pattern cannot be
found. I believe the parser should also be looking for {{ so I'm not sure why
it would decide off the bat that { is an EnclosedExpr.  

One could also argue that { is only part of the unwise URI characters, so could
be part of the uri (I'm not a URI expert, so maybe I'm wrong here). Maybe the
example(s) should be changed though because I don't really understand what they
try to acheive.

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