[Bug 10683] [XQ1.1] Use of "none" for default element/function namespace


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--- Comment #2 from Michael Dyck <jmdyck@ibiblio.org>  2010-09-22 23:26:28 ---
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> A number of places in the specification refer to the default element and
> function namespace being set to "none" being equivalent to it being undefined.

Not quite: if it were undefined, attempting to use it would be an error. (See
section 2.)

> This should probably be the value none without quotes around it.  It might just
> be better to define this as being set to the empty namespace, rather than none.

The phrase "the empty namespace" suggests a namespace with no
element/type/function names in it, which would not be correct.

My inclination would be to replace "none" with NO-NAMESPACE (or something
similar), an ad hoc setting defined to be distinct from any namespace URI.

Note that section 4.11 (Schema Import) talks about the default element/type
namespace being set to:
    a zero-length string
    "no namespace"
Those usages should be made consistent with whatever we decide.

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