[Bug 9069] Function to invoke an XSLT transformation


--- Comment #7 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2010-09-14 22:46:58 ---
We're currently talking about adding an immutable map to XSLT as a new data
type (the put operation would return a new map). There appear to be a number of
possible efficient implementations. It would be ideally suited for this
purpose, because unlike the mechanism used for serialization parameters, the
values can be any data type (including nodes), not only strings.

There are other questions about the detailed spec as well, of course. Little
details like what is the base output URI of the transformation (one reason for
using the function might be to exploit XSLT's capability to generate multiple
output files: but on the other hand, that makes the transform() function a wee
bit side-effecting).

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