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--- Comment #2 from Paul J. Lucas <paul@lucasmail.org>  2010-05-11 17:23:29 ---
In private communication with Liam Quin, he suggested that if I "feel strongly
that [the name change] needs to be done now, please reopen the bug and we'll

OK, so I'm reopening it.  While the mere name of something might seem trivial,
it's important to choose good names and the earlier the better.  Names affect
how people talk about things, how implementers will name their data structures,
how others will write their own documentation, papers, books, etc.

Naturally, people will use the names used in the specification.  If a name is
confusing, it will only cause the confusion to proliferate.  If the name is
changed in a future release, then there will already be legacy documentation,
books, code, etc., that uses the old name.

Speaking as an XQuery Full Text implementor, XQuery, although being a rich and
expressive language, is quite a complicated language, both for users and
implementors.  Having clear names for things is a necessary foundation.

Thank you for your reconsideration.

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