[Bug 9139] [XPath 2.1] Dynamic function calls and context


--- Comment #13 from Henry Zongaro <zongaro@ca.ibm.com>  2010-03-03 22:16:19 ---
(In reply to comment #11)

Sorry, Michael D. - I'm getting confused.  Reading comment #10, I thought you
were arguing that the result of the following should be "b.xq"

module "a.xq";
declare variable $f as (function() as xs:string) := fn:static-base-uri#0;

module "b.xq";

But reading comment #11, I think you're arguing that the result should be
"a.xq".  May I ask you to clarify?

By the way, in comment #5 I was going to add that I thought the current text
implied the result would be "b.xq" for an example like the one above, but that
I thought that would be undesirable behaviour.  I prefer the result "a.xq"
here, because my mental model is that the components of the static context for
a function literal are similar to the variables in the closure of an inline
function.  And I agree with what John Snelson says in comment #12.

Regardless, I'm not sure the WGs considered it one way or the other, and wanted
to make sure there was an explicit decision which behaviour to adopt.

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