[Bug 9139] [XPath 2.1] Dynamic function calls and context


--- Comment #10 from Michael Dyck <jmdyck@ibiblio.org>  2010-03-03 21:25:44 ---
In applying that quote to the current discussion, it wasn't my intention that
"the function" should be identified with one of the built-in functions in
question, but rather with the code that contains the reference to the built-in
function. That code is required to be evaluated wrt the context in which it
appears, therefore the reference to the built-in function will be evaluated wrt
that context, therefore the function itself will be evaluated wrt that context.

Is it the last "therefore" that's in question? I guess we don't say that a
built-in function is evaluated wrt the same static context as the expression
that references it. We didn't say that in XQuery 1.0 either, so maybe it's an
old hole.

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