Re: [Bug 10867] [FO11] Signatures and summaries of mathematical functions

Mike, checked up on me too quickly ;^)  I'm in the process of 
renaming the files "Overview.html", but haven't committed the changes yet.

It's possible that I failed to completely update build.xml.  I'll do 
that in a few minutes as well.


At 12/6/2010 01:53 PM, wrote:
>--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <> 2010-12-06 
>20:53:27 UTC ---
>Actually the document for the math namespace appears to be at
>There seems to be a problem in the build file: I created a new version of the
>spec with additional functions in the math namespaces, and the namespace
>document didn't get rebuilt. I haven't managed to follow through the
>dependencies yet to work out why.
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