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[Bug 7177] CVS: is-XPath2 in catalog

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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 12:55:54 +0000
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Oliver Hallam <oliver@cbcl.co.uk> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Oliver Hallam <oliver@cbcl.co.uk>  2009-09-22 12:55:54 ---
I have started work on reviewing the is-XPath2 attribute on the tests, but
there are some cases I where I am not sure what the correct value is.

consider fn-union-node-args-015:

(: insert-start :)
declare namespace atomic="http://www.w3.org/XQueryTest";
declare variable $input-context external;
(: insert-end :)

($input-context/atomic:root/atomic:integer) union

If we merely strip the prolog then this is a valid XPath2 expression, but in
order to evaluate the query then the namespace declaration must be added as an
in-scope namespace.

The three options I can see are:
 1.  Set is-XPath2 to false
 2.  Require an XPath2 test harness to parse the (XQuery) prolog that appears
between (: insert-start :) and (: insert-end :) - Is this a resonable burden to
place on an XPath2 test runner?
 3.  Add the required namespace declarations and so on to the catalog. (This
would just be duplicating the information - will this cause more trouble than
it is worth?

(Is it even valid to have a namespace declaration in the
insert-start/insert-end section? - this is not mentioned in the guidelines for
running the test suite.)

The other case that I am unsure how to mark up is the tests that are valid
XPath2 but return different results, for example literals056 ("&amp;").  I
would argue that this is an important test and so should be marked as
is-XPath2.  However there is no standard way of recording these alternate
results.  I would suggest adding the is-XPath2 attribute to output-file as well
and mark it up as such:

   <test-case is-XPath2="true" name="Literals056"
              Creator="Mike Rorke">
      <description>Test for string literal containing the predefined entity
reference '&amp;amp;'.</description>
      <spec-citation spec="XQuery" section-number="3.1.1"
      <query name="Literals056" date="2005-02-03"/>
      <input-file role="principal-data"
      <output-file is-XPath2="false" role="principal"
      <output-file is-XPath2="true" role="principal"

Does anyone else have an opinion on which resolution is best?

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