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[Bug 7921] [XQTS] CVS: errors in TestSources modules

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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 15:27:46 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Tim Mills <tim@cbcl.co.uk>  2009-10-16 15:27:46 ---
Could you please explain why test errata8-002 does not exhibit a circularity?

[Definition: A module M1 directly depends on another module M2 (different from
M1) if a variable or function declared in M1 depends on a variable or function
declared in M2.] It is a static error [err:XQST0093] to import a module M1 if
there exists a sequence of modules M1 ... Mi ... M1 such that each module
directly depends on the next module in the sequence (informally, if M1 depends
on itself through some chain of module dependencies.)

Module errata8_2a declares function errata8_2a:fun() which depends on 
$errata8_2b:var.  Therefore errata8_2a depends on errata8_2b

Module errata8_2b declared variable errata8_2b:var which depends on
errata8_2a:fun2().  Therefore errata8_2b depends on errata8_2a.

This gives us the sequence of modules:

errata8_2a ... errata8_2b ... errata8_2a

which exhibits the circularity.

Or am I mistaken?

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