[FO] Requesting enhancement of fn:doc()

I would like to request that the specification of fn:doc() be changed  
to match the implementation of that function by MarkLogic.

In MarkLogic, they deviated from the XQuery spec for the fn:doc()  
function and it can return multiple documents based on a sequence of  
document URIs passed into the function at one time.


The eXist Open Source Database implements fn:doc() to the W3C  
specification and has the function xmldb:document() that returns  
multiple documents

Here is the function documentation for xmldb:document() and fn:doc()

xmldb:document() can return multiple documents with a single call and  
fn:doc() can only return one document at a time.

Another option would be to leave fn:doc() alone and add fn:docs() with  
the multiple document URIs being passed in.

A module for database manipulation functions.
xmldb:document($document-uris as xs:string+, ...) node()*
Returns the documents $document-uris in the input sequence. Collection  
URIs can be specified either as a simple collection path or an XMLDB  
URI.If the input sequence is empty, the function will load all  
documents in the database.
$document-uris	The document URIs
Returns the documents
Deprecated: See the standard fn:doc() function This function could be  
removed at anytime during the 1.5 development and will be removed in  
the 1.6 release.
A module with the XQuery/XPath Core Library Functions
doc($document-uri as xs:string?) node()?
Returns the document node of $document-uri. Resource URIs can be  
specified either as a simple collection path, an XMLDB URI or any URI.
$document-uri	The document URI
Returns the document node of $document-uri

Loren Cahlander
Enterprise Architect

Received on Thursday, 15 October 2009 09:33:02 UTC