[Bug 6131] [XPath 2.1] Requirement: context-free paths


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> Another little refinement needed: The accepted proposal means that URILiteral
> now appears in the XPath syntax as well as the XQuery syntax. However, just as
> the rules for StringLiteral are different in the two cases, the rules for
> URILiteral also need to differ, in that XQuery must process any character and
> built-in entity references appearing in the literal, but XPath must not (if the
> XPath expression appears in an XML document, the XML parser will already have
> done this).

I assume that means making the following text conditional, so it appears in
XQuery but not in XPath:

As in a string literal, any predefined entity reference (such as &amp;amp;),
character reference (such as &amp;#x2022;), or EscapeQuot or EscapeApos (for
example, "") is replaced by its appropriate expansion. Certain characters,
notably the ampersand, can only be represented using a predefined entity
reference or a character reference.

XPath would have this instead:

As in a string literal, if the literal is delimited by apostrophes, two
adjacent apostrophes within the literal are interpreted as a single apostrophe.
Similarly, if the literal is delimited by quotation marks, two adjacent
quotation marks within the literal are interpreted as one quotation mark.

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