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[Bug 5308] [FO 1.1] Timezone Z in format-dateTime()

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Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 10:30:49 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2009-05-26 10:30:49 ---
This is now open as a 1.1 bug report, allowing a fresh design approach that can
incorporate new facilities while still requiring a good level of backwards

The first thing I propose is to generalize the $country argument to be $place,
allowing the value to be an Olsen time-zone name. Specifying an Olsen time-zone
name has two effects: (a) the supplied date/time is adjusted to that time-zone,
(b) the appropriate localized name of the time-zone is used. For example,
format-dateTime('2009-01-01T12:00:00Z', '[H]:[M]:[S] [ZN]', (), (),
'America/Los Angeles') produces "04:00:00 PST". In cases where a date is
present in the supplied value and the date is within the range where daylight
savings time changes are documented, this process should be sensitive to
daylight savings, for example if the date above were in summer the output would
be "05:00:00 PDT".

If ZN is requested without specifying an Olsen time-zone in the $place
argument, the system should use a default Olsen time-zone.

Having put this into place, I suggest we reorganize the display of timezones as
follows. First some examples:

[Z01:01] produces +05:00 or -02:00 or +10:30 or Z

[Z1] produces +5 or -2 or +10:30 or Z

[Z1:01[+00:00]] produces +5:00 or -2:00 or +00:00

[Z1:01[UTC]] produces +5:00 or -2:00 or UTC

[Z01:01[]] produces +05:00 or -02:00 or nothing

[ZN] produces EST or CET or GMT etc

[ZZ] produces a military timezone letter: A, B, C, ... Z

The component designator "z", for backwards compatibility, produces the same
result as "Z" but prefixed "GMT" (or a localized equivalent)


(a) where the timezone offset is displayed numerically, two format tokens are
allowed, separated by ":", one for the hours and one for the minutes; if the
minutes part is not specified, then it is omitted from the output unless the
value is non-zero, in which case it is output as ":mm".

(b) the form used to display timezone Z may be given as a literal string
between [] characters (and may be empty), the default being "Z". 

Detailed rules to be defined.

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