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[Bug 6867] [FT] TestSuite

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--- Comment #2 from Christian Gruen <christian.gruen@gmail.com>  2009-05-11 20:57:10 ---
Thank you Pat!

A small addition to [6]: as far as I know, the following query...

  'a' ftcontains 'a' ordered weight 0.8

will return a parsing error whereas

  ('a' ftcontains 'a' ordered) weight 0.8

will be correctly parsed. I'm relying on my parser, but I will try to reproduce
the behaviour by the grammar rules..

[144] FTSelection           ::=  FTOr FTPosFilter*
   ... FTOr -> FTPrimaryWithOptions ...
[150] FTPrimaryWithOptions  ::=  FTPrimary FTMatchOptions? FTWeight?
[151] FTPrimary             ::=  (FTWords FTTimes?) | ("(" FTSelection ")") |

In 144, Position filters (here: ordered) are specified after the FTOr
expression (here: 'a'). This is why the parser will assume that the FTSelection
is finished after the position filter without checking the "weight" token in
150. If parentheses are added, the FTSelection branch in rule 151 is applied,
followed by the weight token in 150.

Hope this helps; always feel free to ask for more, or to correct me.

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