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[Bug 6809] [FT] Test Suite - Thesaurus Queries

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Date: Mon, 04 May 2009 12:16:51 +0000
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--- Comment #8 from Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov>  2009-05-04 12:16:50 ---

[3] ft-3.4.3-examples-q3.xq

Yes, this is fine as well. A minor issue: it should be rewritten from 



      <relationship>sounds like</relationship>


[9] thesaurus-queries-results-q5 / q5b / q6 / q6b

Instead, I would suggest to extend the "spellcheck.xml" file similar to the
"soundex.xml" file; otherwise the logics of this thesaurus is opposite to the
other ones. An example..

a) "users" ftcontains "people" with thesaurus at "usability.xml"
     relationship "NT"


  -> true

b) "succesful" ftcontains "sucessfull" with thesaurus at "spellcheck.xml"
     relationship "misspelling of"

    <relationship>misspelling of</relationship>

  -> false...


Pat Case

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