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[Bug 6665] [FT] Test Suite Bugs

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Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 13:24:39 +0000
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Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |pcase@crs.loc.gov

--- Comment #7 from Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov>  2009-03-13 13:24:39 ---
Hi Christian,

I am getting back to you on item 4, 9-10, 18, 30.

[4] ft-3.4.4-examples-q2.xq
Expected Result: boolean value (true)

--Yes. I have fixed the result.

[9] ftstaticcontext-q6.xq
Book number 3 is missing in the result.

--I corrected the query to actually look only in the Book with attribute
number="1" as it was intended to do. Changing this line from:
let $cont := $book[$x]/content
let $cont := $book[@number=$x]/content

[10] /ftstaticcontext-q7.xq
No error expected here as FT-Option is in first part of prolog. (In case of an
error, I wouldn't expect FTST0001, but XPST0003).

--I think this one inadvertently got fixed after we ran a syntax check, so I
have gone back in and broken it again, moving the FT-Option later in the

--Well I couldn't have been farther off on the error. Can't explain that. I
have fixed it to XPST0003.

[18] ftcaseunconstrained-q1.xq
I would expect no results; if I got it right, the character conversion is only
applied to the query string (I'm just interested: can you explain why the
lowercase/uppercase options were introduced to the standard?).

--Yes. Ersatz is only in the document with an initial upper case. I have
replaced the result with a blank document. 

--Lowercase and uppercase are in the spec for end user convenience. They allow
users to specify lower or upper case regardless of how the characters are typed
or copied into a search box. They will be especially helpful to those with
little manual dexterity and other disabilities. 

[30] ft-3.4.1-examples-q1.xq
FTST0009 expected instead of FTST0013.

--No change. This is another recent error addition. We will be publising a new
version of the spec soon so you will be able to see the new errors. This error
is added to 3.4.1 as:
If an invalid language identifier is specified, then the behavior is
implementation-defined. If the implementation chooses to raise an error in that
case, it must raise [err:FTST0009].

As always, thanks so much for your assistance.


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