[Bug 5444] [SER] Non-XHTML elements with XHTML output method


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--- Comment #8 from Henry Zongaro <zongaro@ca.ibm.com>  2009-03-09 14:13:34 ---
At the face-to-face meeting of 2009-02-23 to 2009-02-25, the XQuery and XSL
working groups reviewed this bug report, and concurred with the decision of the
XSL WG recorded in comment 5 - that the Serialization recommendation was clear
that elements in some namespace other than the XHTML namespace should be
handled in a way that is consistent with the requirements of the XML output
method, and that no change was necessary.

It was noted that the serialization recommendation does not prohibit an empty
element in some non-XHTML namespace from being serialized as an empty element
tag with a space before the "/>", but neither does it require it.

Tim, I've returned this bug report.  If you agree with the resolution, may I
ask you to close the report?

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