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[Bug 5308] [FO 1.1] Timezone Z in format-dateTime()

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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 11:45:06 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2009-01-30 11:45:06 ---
Erratum E29 proposes adding the following (non-normative) Note. This is in
addition to the normative changes agreed in Erratum E24, raised in response to
bug 5309. The note goes beyond the subject of this particular bug to discuss
other aspects of timezone formatting that have caused problems in the past, all
in a non-prescriptive way.

  <p>Formatting of timezones is not fully defined by this specification. Some
aspects of the formatting
  are <termref

  <p>For component specifier "z", the choice between "GMT+2" and "GMT+02:00" is
guided by the width specifier,
  as indicated above. The string "GMT" may be localized, for example to "UTC".
The representation of the UTC
  timezone itself (that is, a timezone offset of zero) is not defined in this

  <p>For component specifier "Z" with a numeric presentation modifier, the
implementation may optionally
  use "Z" rather than "+00:00" to indicate UTC.</p>

  <p>Component specifier "Z" with the presentation modifier "N" is used to
request timezone names such as
  "PST" or "CET". Translation of a timezone offset into the name of a civil
timezone can only be done heuristically.
  The implementation may use the <code>$country</code> argument as a guide to
the civil timezones to match
  against; if <code>$value</code> includes a date then the implementation may
also use a database of 
  daylight-savings-time changes to distinguish two timezone names, such as
"EDT" and "AST", that have the same 
  timezone offset.</p>

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