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[Bug 6186] [XSL 2.0] References to Unicode specification

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2009-01-30 10:55:54 ---
This was discussed by the XSL WG on 2009-01-29. The result was the following

Action A-2009-01-29-003:  [Bug 6186] Michael Kay to investigate how 
  XPath and F&O handle references to Unicode character properties 
  and character properties database, and propose aligning XSLT with 

XPath 2.0 has in its normative references:

    The Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Standard Reading, Mass.:
Addison-Wesley, 2003, as updated from time to time by the publication of new
versions. See http://www.unicode.org/unicode/standard/versions for the latest
version and additional information on versions of the standard and of the
Unicode Character Database. The version of Unicode to be used is
implementation-defined, but implementations are recommended to use the latest
Unicode version.

Identical text appears in the normative references of Functions and Operators.

I propose that we add the same text to Appendix A.1 of XSLT 2.0 (Normative
References), linking to it from the places cited in this bug report.

("implementations are recommended" is horribly ungrammatical: it's the latest
version that is being recommended, not the implementation. I'm very tempted to
change it to "implementations are advised". But we can live with the existing
text in the interests of bug-compatibility.)

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