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[Bug 6027] [XPath] Extensions and Conformance

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--- Comment #5 from Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@redhat.com>  2009-01-12 21:16:37 ---
Jim Melton and I attempted to resolve issues raised at the last meeting with
the following language:


5.2 EBNF Extensions 

The XQuery language is defined in this specification. The XQuery EBNF is
defined in [Appendix A: XQuery EBNF]. Any extensions to the EBNF are not part
of the XQuery language. Users can determine whether a query uses grammar not
found in the EBNF by using the XQuery applets [APPLETS].  

An implementation that otherwise conforms to this specification may also
recognize and evaluate syntax that is not part of the XQuery EBNF.  Such an
implementation remains conformant to this specification, provided such
extensions do not otherwise conflict with the syntax and rules of this

Future versions of XQuery may extend the EBNF in ways that conflict with
extensions provided by implementations of this specification, thus causing such
implementations to become non-conforming. 


It is a static error if an expression is not syntactically valid, using the
syntax defined in Appendix A.1 EBNF plus any implementation-defined EBNF

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