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[Bug 6951] [XSLT] Conflicting requirements for type annotations from XSLT validation='lax' and XDM

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--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2009-12-07 15:50:09 ---
Following email discussion and discussion at the telcon on 2009-11-17, there
was agreement in principle that when lax validation "succeeds", the resulting
document should always be annotated as xs:anyType rather than xs:untyped
regardless whether any elements were found that could actually be validated:
this ensures that the process can be streamed, and it means that the accidental
presence of an insignificant declaration in the schema (for example a
declaration for the xml:lang attribute) does not switch the whole document from
xs:untyped to xs:anyType.

I was actioned to propose wording changes to implement this decision. I believe
it can be effected by changing the third bullet in XDM section from

<old>The [validity] property exists and is "notKnown", and the [validation
attempted] property exists and is "none", the schema type of an element is
xs:untyped and the type of an attribute is xs:untypedAtomic.</old>


<new>The [validity] property exists and is "notKnown", the schema type of an
element is xs:anyType and the type of an attribute is xs:anyAtomicType.</new>

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