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[Bug 6775] DOM-to-DOM transform with method='html' needs to convert no-namespace nodes into the HTML namespace

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Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 09:22:53 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@iki.fi>  2009-04-06 09:22:53 ---
When an XML document with an xml-stylesheet PI specifying an XSLT
transformations is received by Internet Explorer, it performs the transform,
serializes an then parsers the serialization. As a consequence, there are XSLT
transformations out there that depend on no-namespace output nodes getting
treated as HTML nodes after their serialization has been parsed as HTML.

Firefox, on the other hand, doesn't perform the serialization step. It parses
the incoming XML document into a DOM tree, transforms it into another DOM tree
and renders this second DOM tree. In order to be compatible with XSLT programs
written for IE (and, by now, for previous versions of Gecko), Gecko already
needs to perform the local name lower-casing in such a DOM-to-DOM transform by
observing parameters meant for serialization even though no serialization

(Note that transformations that disable output escaping and target IE are not
compatible with the Gecko approach, but that level of incompatibility with IE
has proven acceptable. Complete incompatibility with IE and previous versions
of Gecko would not be similarly acceptable.)

When HTML 5-compliance is implemented for the DOM node namespaces as well, the
processing needs to be adjusted as described in this bug report in order to
retain compatibility with existing content.

A function such as normalize-html() would not solve the problem, since existing
content isn't calling the function. Furthermore, the behavior of outputting
no-namespace nodes for no-namespace nodes specified in the XSLT program is
useless in a UA that doesn't treat no-namespace nodes as HTML nodes, so there's
no value in not implementing the change described in this bug report in HTML
5-compliant UAs. (Making both no-namespace and XHTML-namespace nodes behave as
HTML nodes in the resulting DOM is not an acceptable solution, since that
complication is exactly what is being removed here.)

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