[Bug 6105] [FT] Test Suite cont.


--- Comment #2 from Christian Gruen <christian.gruen@gmail.com>  2008-10-31 06:50:35 ---
Hi Jim,

thanks for your detailed replies!

> (For tracking purposes, it would be slightly better for you to put each 
> separate comment into a separate Bugzilla bug, if that's convenient.)

Sure, no problem.. I have just created a new list, and I'll create some
more entries this time. - Just two last addition to this post:

[2] FTPrimary-FTExtensionSelection-q1.xq

> I have run the query that you identified above through the Full Text parser
> applet (see http://www.w3.org/2007/01/applets/xquery-fulltextApplet.html) and
> it appears to parse without error.

Yes.. my fault, our parser ignored the Pragma expression.. Still, I have some
problems with the current version of this query - even with the parser applet -
as the namespace is declared after the variable. If I switch these two lines..

 declare namespace exq = "http://example.org/examples/pragmas";  (2)
 declare variable $input-context external;  (1)

..everything works fine for me.

[5] Examples/2.2.2/ft-222-examples-results-q1.txt

> Actually, I think the result should be:
> <author>Heavy Rain</author>
> <author>Melton Mowbray</author>
> That is, I believe that both books satisfy the ftcontains conditions
> (particularly  because of "with stemming" applied to "dog").  I have changed
> the result to reflect that belief.  If you still believe that only one author
> should be returned, please help me understand why.

..yes, I think that "<title>Dogs and Cats</title>" should be excluded
from the result as only the dogs are stemmed, but not the cats.
The where clause was:

  where $b/title ftcontains ("dog" with stemming) ftand "cat"  

Just tell me if I got it wrong.


Christian, BaseX Team 

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