[Bug 5893] [XSLT 2.0] Allow explicit setting of doctype-system and doctype-public to null


--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2008-10-23 14:28:08 ---
Although the WG expressed some doubts about whether this was an appropriate
change for an erratum, I was asked to draft text so that the proposal could be
evaluated in detail. (Action A-2008-10-09-002)

1. In section 20, in the bullet points after the paragraph "The other
attributes on xsl:output provide parameters for the output method. ", change
the list items describing doctype-system and doctype-public to replace "By
default, the parameter is not supplied":

"The attribute value "" (a zero-length string) denotes the parameter value
"absent", that is, an indication that there should be no system identifier
[resp. public identifier] in the DTD of the output document. This has the same
effect as omitting the attribute; however, the explicit value "" may be used to
override a different value in an xsl:output declaration with lower import

2. In section 19.1, xsl:result-document, add to the Note that starts "In the
case of the attributes method, cdata-section-elements, and use-character-maps,
", a second paragraph reading:

"In the case of the attributes doctype-system and doctype-public, supplying a
value of "" (a zero-length string) causes the corresponding serialization
parameter to be absent; this overrides any explicit value for doctype-system or
doctype-public in the selected output definition."

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