[Bug 5646] [UPD] fn:put() is underspecified


------- Comment #4 from john.snelson@oracle.com  2008-05-20 17:03 -------
I've raised this before as well in Bug #4167.

a) I believe that fn:put() should be an updating expression - it makes no sense
for it not to be.

b) I don't think it's obvious that fn:put() should "serialize" post-update
nodes - XQilla currently returns pre-update copies of nodes passed as arguments
to fn:put().

c) It would be helpful if fn:put() was described in terms of the pending update
list, and if that was used to resolve conflicting put operations.

d) Many useful queries don't pass the pessimistic XQuery static typing rules

Received on Tuesday, 20 May 2008 17:04:06 UTC