[Bug 5671] [FO] Type promotion in fn:min and fn:max


------- Comment #1 from mike@saxonica.com  2008-05-20 15:56 -------
This was considered by the WGs on 20 May 2008. It was noted that the resolution
of bug #3358 proposed that the text should read "converted to their least
common type by a combination of type promotion and subtype substitution. ". The
actual text published was "converted to the least common type that supports the
ge operator by a combination of type promotion and subtype substitution". It is
not clear why the phrase "that supports the ge operator" was added, or what it
was supposed to mean. The discussion of bug #3358 makes it clear that the
intention of the WG was that the min() or max() of a sequence of hatsizes
should be a hatsize.

I therefore propose to delete the phrase "that supports the ge operator".

Regarding the summary, I think it's a major piece of editorial work to ensure
that all the function summaries are indeed summaries of the detailed rules for
each function. I would like to tackle this for the 1.1 release, but I don't
think piecemeal improvements by means of errata are appropriate in cases like

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