[Bug 4719] [FT] editorial: 3.7 Ignore Option


------- Comment #5 from jmdyck@ibiblio.org  2008-03-16 21:22 -------
At meeting 166, the FTTF made a couple of decisions.

1) Re comment #1:
If the Ignore expression yields non-nodes, raise a type error.

2) Re comment #3:
> "omits each item Ni (i=1..k) that is not Ij"
>    The "that is not Ij" part doesn't agree with fts:reconstruct.
>    I think fts:reconstruct's interpretation is less surprising.

Drop "that is not Ij". (So if some search context item Ij is an ignored node
Ni, it will be ignored.)

I have committed these two changes to the document.

Received on Sunday, 16 March 2008 21:23:13 UTC