[Bug 5795] Static Typing: CVS: K2-Steps-2, K2-FunctionProlog-14


--- Comment #9 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2008-06-26 12:35:18 ---
>do you still think it reasonable?

I have found it necessary to be pragmatic with error situations: the criterion
for what is reasonable is based on how helpful it is to the user. Failing to
report a simple error that can be detected statically, and returning an empty
sequence instead, does not seem helpful.

I'm well aware that treating error() as item()* doesn't work in a static typing
environment, but fortunately I don't have that problem. (Well, not fortunately,
it was by deliberate choice...)

But of course we're dealing with a test suite here, and it's testing for
conformance not for usability. Unfortunately I don't think that static typing
is spec'ed well enough to ensure interoperable results especially in error
situations, so I personally think this is a losing battle. There's probably a
chain of reasoning that says 42 is a valid answer to the query 2+2.

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