[Bug 5646] [UPD] fn:put() is underspecified


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------- Comment #5 from chamberl@almaden.ibm.com  2008-06-03 17:37 -------
This bug report was discussed by the Query Working Group on 3 June 2008 and
resolved as follows:
(a) fn:put() is an updating expression.
(b) Rather than operating immediately on a node, fn:put() will add a new
updating primitive to the Pending Update List. This updating primitive will be
applied only after all other updating primitives on the PUL have been made
effective. The result will be that fn:put() will effectively apply to the
post-updated nodes. If a user wants to invoke fn:put() on a pre-updated node,
he will first need to make a copy of that node, possibly by using a vacuous
(c) It is an error for two invocations of fn:put() in the same snapshot to
operate on the same nodeid.
(d) fn:put(), like all other updating expressions, is allowed to return an
empty XDM without raising a static error (see Bug 5700).

Michael Kay, if this resolution is acceptable to you, please change the status
of this bug to Closed.

Don Chamberlin (for the Query Working Group)

Received on Tuesday, 3 June 2008 17:37:40 UTC