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--- Comment #1 from Michael Dyck <jmdyck@ibiblio.org>  2008-08-19 20:32:50 ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> I would like the language document to state more clearly to which FT
> expressions match options and positional filters apply.
> I propose the following language:
> 1) In 3.4 Match Options, after paragragh 5:
> A match option applies to the FTWords expression that precedes it unless
> the match option is immediately preceded by an FTSelection enclosed in
> parentheses, then the match option applies to all the FTWords in the
> parenthecized FTSelection. 

I think this would cause more problems than it would solve. For one thing,
it omits the possibility of a match option applied to an extension
selection. For another, whether a match option appended to a parenthesized
FTSelection applies to an FTWords contained therein depends on whether
an intervening match option overrides the outer one. (Moreover, if there's
an intervening Expr, we know that the outer match option definitely doesn't

> 2) In 3.6 Positional Filters, after paragraph 2:
> A positional filter applies across any FTOr(s) or FTAnd(s) that precede
> it unless the positional filter is immediately preceded by an FTSelection
> enclosed in parentheses, then the positional filter applies to only the
> parenthecized FTSelection. 

This wording could be interpreted as saying that in a construct like:
    (fts1) ftor (fts2) FTPosFilter
the FTPosFilter only applies to (fts2), which is incorrect.

Gramatically, an FTPosFilter is appended to exactly one FTOr (which
consists of one or more FTAnds separated by the keyword "ftor"). It
filters the results of that FTOr (or the results of a preceding filter
applied to that FTOr, etc).

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